Ezra Allen Computer animator



I am an animator and artist, specializing in computer animation, currently based in Derbyshire.

I am currently working freelance, for independent games developers. My most recent project, is a strategy game, that I created a large number of animated character sprites for. The project is not yet released.

Last year I finished work on Space Temple, a short cg animated film. Space Temple was shown at the Polish international film festival. You can see excerpts from this film in my showreel.

I have worked on a wide range of projects for the games industry, from children’s games, like the Sony play series, to action and first person shooters like Timesplitters and Acclaims’ Gladiator.

I was trained in traditional 2d animation and have a high level of drawing ability, which is useful for storyboarding, character design, concept and communication of ideas.

I am interested in computer animation work, of all shapes and sizes, but particularly character animation.

If you have a project that requires my skills please contact me. I am open to offers from film, TV or games. I am able to work from home or at a studio as part of a team. I will consider relocation depending on the job.

[email protected]

+44 (0) 1773 689460